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November 28th, 2008 1 comment

HeNE-laserI’m still at Uni while having nearly no time to do other shit. And since this week I’m at my latest practical work: Laserdiod. It’s an infrared GaAlAs laser at 780 nm
wavelength and I really asked myself “Why hasn’t god made us able to see infrared light”. Seriously, we (me and my partner) have to find the beam with indicators. That’s a sort of paper consisting of special compounds. If the infrared light now hits it, it glows in a color you can see.

Well I can’t really tell you it’s fun, but it’s definitely better than my last practicum which was about radioactivity. Now, we just have to adjust the optical systems like lenses and mirros. This costs the most time. After all there are just around six experiments where two are always really similar. (The radioactivity practicum had around 40).

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Temp Fortress 2

November 16th, 2008 No comments

This video is basically one of the best Machinima I have ever seen yet. The story is consistent, funny and really wide range. I love to share it with you

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I’ve got the first dead pixel

November 9th, 2008 5 comments
This is, what a dead (sub-)pixel looks like

This is, how a dead (sub-)pixel looks like from close distance. That color above is white.

Yeah, the first dead pixel on my brand new TFT. I hate this. You expect a really cool TFT and what do you get after using it a for less than a day: A dead pixel.

There wasn’t any at the beginning (I checked if with DPT) and now there is.

But that situation has some good and bad sides: It’s a real dead (sub-)pixel. It does not glow anymore. It’s dark. This means, it’s not fixable anymore by fast flashing “pixel exercisers”. Luckily I don’t notice it. On a white surface, you need to look at it very very closeley and it appears green. On a plane red surface it’s black of course but green or blue works perfectly.

So I have to live with it.

By the way, I think it came because I had the TFT on 100% brightness. On that settings, it took 75 Watt and it got very very hot. But because white surfaces were too freaking bright (my eyes hurt!), I changed it to 50% – Not it only takes 50 Watt. Thats around 20 Watt less heat and you don’t notice any change in brightness.

I hope no more pixel die (because of heat?). But still I like that TFT!

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I’ve got a new TFT

November 7th, 2008 7 comments
That's my new LG W2452T 24'' Widescreen TFT

That's my new LG W2452T 24'' Widescreen TFT

Today I decided to buy a new TFT. My old 17” was quite small and it had a refreshrate of 40ms. (It’s 4 years old). After I’ve seen a widescreen TFT at one of my friends I fell in love with these screens.

Normally I hate wide screens because the heigth is important. Especially for programming or writing documents because you they have these fancy toolbars at the top of your screens.

This was also a reason why I decided not to buy a 22” which only got a resolution of 1680×1050. That means I would only get additionally 26 more pixels in heigth. So I took a 24” with a total resolution of 1920×1200.

And hell yeah, it rocks. No dead pixels (yet), really bright, 5ms refresh time and a cool look. I’ve taken a picture for you.

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Obama Wins

November 5th, 2008 2 comments
Combo Breaker

Combo Breaker

At least that’s what I think now. He won the important states so McCain is gone.

I’m not American (I’m German), so it’s not that important for me who will be the next president of the United States, but it was an amazing political war. Especially the way how the election works sounds strange and much to complicated for me.

I also found a funny picture in the Internet I really want to share with you

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Serious Business

November 4th, 2008 No comments

I stumbled on this coool video. In short: It’s about company tactics in everyday life but just very very ironic Smile

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