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Stargate – The Last Stand

January 20th, 2009 1 comment
tls_lockdown. A map in SG:TLS - (c)

tls_lockdown. A map in SG:TLS - (c)

I recently downloaded Stargate: The Last Stand, which just got released a few days ago.

It is cool and has some really nice maps and models. But the game is sadly not finished yet. You really notice this. Here are some points, which annoy me most

  • The Ta’uri have too less effective weapons. Against a light armored Goa’uld scout, you still need several hits with an AWP (which is the strongest weapon?). Not to speak about other heavy armored opponents.
  • Your teammembers can walk through you – This is wished and a good feature. But any shot you did (staffweapon blasts,grenades etc) will not move through them. So you will probably suffer from your own weapon’s damage just because a teammember decided to run through you from behind.
  • The Ta’uri’s weapons seem to have a really hard recoil while the Goa’uld’s (mainly staffweapon) haven’t.
  • When you open the chatwindow while you are dead, it will close as soon as you respawn. This sounds trivial, but it will make any text you typed while dead vanish. This can get you really angry.
  • The game seems to get FPS drops after a while you play it. If you reconnect to the server it’s fine again. This sounds somehow familiar to this issue, but without any links to lua (SGTLS does not use lua)
  • The Mission-List (a window in your upper left screen) sometimes mixes the tasks.
  • You can respawn into props which just rolled into the spawnpoint.
  • On a few maps, you spawn behind enemy lines so you can capture the last point easily.

Actually, the game is really fun. But if the developers won’t fix the issues, it could become depressing playing that game really soon.


I just read here, that the issues I had are already known. An update is in the work and I heared (only rumours yet), it will be out on Friday Monday.

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January 16th, 2009 2 comments

Oh well hi again.

I was busy the last days with finishing my practicum protocol (Get it here. It’s in German), where I made mostly every image, calculated all values while my practicum partner wrote the text. After I got this done the next task applies: Learning for an exam in less than two weeks.

But what I actually was going about to tell you is, that I started working on a little Duplicator enhancement for Garry’s Mod, which should be more userfriendly compared to AdvDupe. I planned to make it an enhancement of the original Duplicator rather than a new tool. It should also load the old AdvDupe saves of course.  Any file action is meant to work like in the windows explorer (that’s where I’m currently at). Spawning should not be that slow and laggy like AdvDupe is (I’ll orientate on VMFSuit’s spawn algorithm). And there will be a way to mass-save stuff, which isn’t constrained to each other (Quad/Circle select).

But I can’t tell you, when it will be readyor if I will ever finish it. It’s just I’m all over busy with other stuff or I get bored by coding due to a simple issue I can’t solve easily.

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New Year

January 1st, 2009 1 comment

It began on January 1st, 2009 at 12:00 am. Just if you missed it.

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