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VALVE did it again

February 21st, 2009 4 comments

There was an update again for the orangebox engine today with the following changes:

Orange Box Engine

  • Fixed stats and achievements not working in Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Portal
  • Fixed incompatibilities with MODs

This again rendered Garry’s Mod useless on the serverpart. People again were unable to join due to the “Invalid Steam Key Size” issue. The cause is, VALVE probably forgot to update the serverfiles too.

If this hasn’t been fixed yet (I’ve been busy the whole day), there is a temporal solution for serverhosters:

Open Steam on your client computer and go to steam/steamapps/<username>/garrysmod/bin and copy the files engine.dll and steam_api.dll to your server’s scrds/orangebox/bin folder. Make sure, you have shutdown srcds before.

Now people can join again.

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SteamID change for OrangeBox games

February 17th, 2009 No comments

steamid_change1Some of you may have noticed the issue of not being able to connect to gameservers due to Invalid Steam key size after the last update anymore with any of your OrangeBox games (Team Fortress 2,Day of Defeat:Source,Garry’s Mod,…Wink and Left 4 Dead.

The reason is VALVE changed the way the SteamID is denoted, which was actually supposed to be a unique ID per steamaccount before (At least everyone thought this).

Before, mostly every ID started with STEAM_0Mad:Y where X and Y are various numbers. Now it changed to STEAM_1Mad:Y in the mentioned games above.

You may think, this is quite a tiny changed (which it actually is), but it has far reaching consequences, if you didn’t had a STEAM_1Mad:Y ID before.

  • If you own games, which do not run on the OrangeBox Engine, you now have two SteamIDs.
  • Every ban on a server is purged.
  • Every routine using SteamIDs is now obsolete. This includes Statistics, AdminMods and for Garry’s Mod even more: Here, SteamIDs are widely used for saving any kind of data per steamaccount. Such as various Wire stuff or Duplicator Copies (= savegames)
  • Because of the issues above, serveradmins now have to change every steamid to STEAM_1Mad:Y in order to make their server work as before. This is serious work!
  • For those serveradmins who changed all the IDs already: We can’t be certain if VALVE changes this back again. So we get twie the work Frown

So you see, the recent update was more like a fuckdate. We generally know this from other well known gamedevelopers (I’m not going to name now), but VALVE hasn’t made such a update yet, which renders much stuff incompatible just for bare arbitrary.


I just got from here, it’s a bug and VALVE is going to fix it:

—–Original Message—–
From: hlds_linux-bounces (AT) list (DOT)
[mailto:hlds_linux-bounces (AT) list (DOT)] On Behalf Of Jason Ruymen
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 7:36 PM
To: Half-Life dedicated Win32 server mailing list;
hlds_linux (AT) list (DOT)
Subject: [hlds_linux] Update coming for SteamID change

We’re hoping to have a fix for the SteamID change live within about an hour.
This will be an optional update.


Edit 2:

How expected, valve fixed it. Thank you!

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Some idiot tries to bruteforce into my server

February 11th, 2009 12 comments

try_to_hackLike the title says, some idiot tries to break into my server using bruteforce attacks against it.

For now, he tried to access my FTP server unsucessfully. Mostly over a few hours and spread over a few days. Just watch the screenshot. That’s a small excerpt of this log.

Luckily, I’m not that dumb using the usernames he tried: “Admin”,”admin”,”Administrator”,”test”. These accounts either do not exist on my server or have been removed due to security issues. Seriously, anyone leaving “Administrator” available on a server acts inresponsible. Create a new account and e.g. call it “you_won’t guess_this”. or something else.


I just found out, the latest “attack” was coming from, which actually is a server (Keyweb AG (AS31103) )! That’s what a DNS-Looup gave me as result. Source is in Germany.

And anotherone comes from, which is, again a server. Anyone knows this? Can’t be only a coincidence. Is this “uh I’m getting hacked”-thing just panic and even normal?

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Bachelor work

February 10th, 2009 4 comments

Time is nearing for my 6th semester in April where I need to do my bachelor-work (3 months fulltime work). I’m quite uncertain which one I should chose. On the one side, I really love theoretical physics but on the other I like experiments containing lasers.

So far I have the following choices:

Optical dipole-trap

This is build upon a realy strong laser. If you focus it, atoms will get sucked into the zone of highest intensity (into the focus). This sounds quite interesting and involves much work with lasers. It’s used to trap and cool down atoms to reach Bose-Einstein Condensation, a special state of matter.

Optimizing a glasfiber

The title doesn’t sound very interesting, but it’s not boring. It’s a fiber between two of our institutes (around a km in distance) where they need the light really stable on the other end. And that’s not trivial. The usage is to sync the already existing optical clock in the institute for quantum optics with the lasers in the albert-einstein-instutute concerning their LISA-experiment.

Black holes in 5 dimensions

This one also sounds interesting. “Normal” spacetime has four dimensions, three in space and one in time. Modern theories predict further spacial dimensions and my work would be to fiddle around with a special fieldequation for a black hole (Schwarzschild-metric) to extend it in higher dimensions. This has been done before, but a bachelor-work (in theoretical physics) isn’t meant to be on the same level like e.g. a PhD-work. Therefore, my knowledge is still too small and time too short.

There are others (I know about at least 90 different works), but those three are those I’m most interested in.

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I’m literally pissed

February 8th, 2009 7 comments

The last days, I was testing the puddle jumper of Votekick and LightDemon I was coding on so I uploaded a modelpack for the folks of my server. Someone must have leaked these information so now every MingeBag on Facepunch knows and tries to join my server for “testing” the jumper. My server got filled up all slots, people spammed five billion jumpers and my server crashed again and again and again just because they used unfinished, beta software in a way it wasn’t supposed to be.

So the download is gone and I have shut down my server for at least one day.

Just for clarification:

  • The jumper is on my server for me, and only me, testing it in multiplayer.
  • The jumper is not meant for those kids “who can’t wait until it’s finished” for testing on my server. (Yes, even my other Admins/VIPs etc on my server should not use it)
  • If you find a bug, don’t tell me. It’s unfinished software. It has bugs of course. I know all of them cause I’m quite using it much longer now (weeks) than you.
  • And for all those people adding me on steam-friends: I reject now anyone of you. I got about 16 steam-friends invites in the last 6 days just because of the jumper.
  • And last but not least: If I’m on my server, I generally don’t wanna talk about my work. It’s a gameserver, so I like to play there. Not talk.

I know I’m an asshole, but just get along with it.


Server is up and running. Anyone now trying to spawn the jumper but me will be automatically slayed. So don’t dare just joining my server for a “sneak-preview”. Wait for a release.

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New puddlejumper in the next release

February 1st, 2009 7 comments

puddlejumperSome of you might have known this already. The new puddlejumper (V3), modelled by VoteKick and coded by LightDemon (based on Catdeamon’s shuttle SENT) will be in the next Stargate Pack release for Garry’s Mod.

So far, I needed to modify some minor code passages to make it work more efficently. But this is not the major work I have done. The main issue was, that the jumper used a hard-coded keyboard layout. You might think “huh, that’s not such a problem”. Well, it’s kind off. I’m a player who uses the left-/right-/up-/down- keys and numpad for gaming instead of the WASD keys. Sadly these keys have been used by LightDemon to handle stuff like zoom in/out so while I flew the jumper, my view always zoomed in and out. (Keys were bound twice)

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

Anyway, now I coded a system which gives you the freedom to bind your keys to the wished one. I’m quite proud of this work, because it’s 100% Lua and uses some hacks to work correctly. And it is coded object orientated so in future, when LightDemon and VoteKick finished their X302 or Hatak, I can easily add my keyremapper to these ships too.