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A new server

March 26th, 2009 8 comments

The main hosters of YaS, including Flamehaze,Neic0, W0rf0x and me are thinking about to get a new server.

We aren’t sure yet which, but we thought about at least of getting a root-server with 4GB ram and a Core 2 Duo or a 8GB ram with a Xeon CPU. The prices are quite high but with 4 people paying for it, it’s cheaper than any virtual server you could otherwise get (which has a much worse performance).

Example: My server costs around 30€ a month and it’s a virtual server. Sharing the best root server we think about to get would only cost 25 € a month for each of us – while having a around 10 times better performance than my server has.

The idea is, to run a linux host system on it with the virtualistion Xen and then install (at least) one Windows Server via Xen. The pros for this are we don’t need to pay the monthly higher fee due to the Windows license general server-hosters take. We can use our own license. And luckily I have one laying unused around here at home Smile


We deiced to buy this baby here. Intel Xeon Dual 2x 3.00+ GHz, 8 GB DDR2, 2x 750 GB.


The new server is now available but still needs to be configured.

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Videos in GMod and other things

March 19th, 2009 8 comments

yasadToday I created a vison I had months ago: Placing HTML-based “adverts” ingame in order to tell people to register on YaS or playing videos ingame.

Coding it was quite hard because I had to use the very poorly documented cam.Start3D2D() function to draw VGUI elements in the world. Well I had success and here is how it looks like. The panels have “animation”-modes in which you can play e.g. youtube videos. But this mode is really expensive and lowers you FPS from 200 to 70 (without animation-mode you have 160 fps if you see such a panel and 200 if not).

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

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I’ve got a new TV

March 13th, 2009 11 comments

jd300007About 5 months ago, I posted about my new 24” TFT screen. It costed about 250 € and I’m still happy that I spent the money on it. It made working at the PC so much more easy.

Today, right after I passed my nuclear physics exam successfully (best marks you could get!) I decided to buy a new TV! My old one was about 3 years old and was a replacement of my previous TV which got broken (even more than 10 years old). That “replacement TV” never really amazed me because it was small and had annoying hiss noises.

So I decided to buy a new one, basing on the current and next-gen technology. So it had to be a TFT (Plasma is too expensive) with FullHD (1080p). I looked after those months ago but they all were either really expensive or hadn’t full HD. Well, this baby I bought today was quite cheap (599 €) and has 37”. It’s fucking huge and didn’t really fit onto my desk (Had to replace some few things to make it fit). I also bought a new sattelite receiver which has an HDMI output to get best video quality. But I forgot to buy suitable cable Frown (I thought it’s inclusive – Well I was wrong).

The complete productname of it is Toshiba 37XV501p, which is quite funny because in the ads it was labelled as 37XV550p. Anyway I don’t bother. It’s excellent!

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March 10th, 2009 1 comment

niceNice, idiot. One more who gets onto my blocklist and will be banned on my server.

The script I used to ban him can be found here.

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The Atlantis’ gate new dialing animations

March 6th, 2009 6 comments

Today I implemented the slow diallingmode for the Atlantis gate. I finished it in less than 30 minutes but finetuning it took longer (I have been told I implemented it incorrectly).

Anyway, it’s now finished and working. The fast-dial also has been improved to look like the slow diallingmode – but being faster.

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Just an accident?

March 3rd, 2009 3 comments

Seems like his hypochondric fix with the subfolders was just an accident.

At least he told this now once on facepunch and now also on twitter.


He did what he promised. file.Write/file.CreateDir works again. But now, file.Remove does not remove any files.

By the way, my petition I started had 68 signs from where 48 are valid (email address confirmed). I know, it’s less but when it went online, garry already stated he is going to fix it. Still nice to see, that there are people out who thinks the exact same as I do.

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Garry broke GMod again *updated*

March 3rd, 2009 8 comments

It is already well known that Garry tends to be hypersensitive to bugs or exploits on his game Garry’s Mod. He removes malicious code which can be exploited to crash servers. This is good so.

But his latest change was truly hypochondric: He disabled the ability to write to subfolders.

But let’s stop for a moment now and find out why this change is unecessary bullshit:

When Garry’s Mod first came out on Steam, you were only able to write to the /data folder and only to .txt files (reading was possible in the whole folder of garrysmod and you could create subfolders in /data such as /data/myaddon/). This was good so.

Recently an individual named Chrisaster came (I don’t want to blame him how for what he did) and used Garry’s command cl_lua_datafolder. This command can change the /data folder to any location on your computer. So he did create several fake-servers. People who joined got their /data folder changed to e.g. their desktop and Chrisaster spammed it with textfiles. (Truly annoying).

After Chris reported this, garry did not only decide to remove this exploitable command (which would be really sufficient to fix this issue), he also disabled the ability to write to subfolders (reading is still possible). The problem now is, that since Garry’s Mod has been released on steam (over 2 years ago) there have been many many many addons using the ability to write to subfolders. With this change, suddenly they become incompatible over night (those who used subfolders – And 90% of all addon which used the /data folder had their own subfolders in it)

Just some few addons, which are reall popular and now became useless:

  • Advanced Duplicator: Saving of files will not work properly anymore. People will not be able to see that file.
  • Expression Gate (Part of Wire): Same count’s for this. You are unable to save and load new files
  • ULib/ULX: An admin mod. It’s now unable to save new bans as it could before (bans still work but all additional data such as “Reason” and “Banned by” in future bans will be unavailable)

This is just a short list (I don’t know all addons) and I did not list my own addons (SySLib,Stargates) which suffer from the same issue.

All over, this is the (let’s guess) third update by garry, which totally breaks addons for no reason just because he became hysteric about issues, which aren’t any (Just remember, when he removed the ability to change your name ingame with no reason – From that day, all RP Gamemodes got broken).

Well, what does that mean after all? Well, if he doesn’t reverts this change, I will quit GMod, including my Server and all my addons I did so far.

I know, there is a way to get something similar as before via binary modules, but this way is hacky.


He fixed it.

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