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All green for the new server – Or not?

April 23rd, 2009 4 comments

We hesitated the last few weeks how and what is the best way to get our new server running. We started with Xen for virtualisation just to find out that for some strange reason Windows Server 2003 and 2008 refuse to run. We activated all settings and Intel Vanderpool was activated in the BIOS. Still no results. It always errored out with tellung us that we tried to run an x64 application on a non x64 platform (winload.exe failed). But it was x64 and even x86 (32 bit) failed to run.

So we came to the conclusion, Xen isn’t that good for us. We lately switched to Proxmox where we have been told, it will definitely work. And so was it: Windows 2008 booted up but wait: Linking it with the ip did not really work (some special network driver was necessary and it is not ported fully to Win2k8 yet). So now it’s Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise R2 which will run on it. And it seems to work.

Sidenote: The Windows 2008 server booted up in around 4 seconds. That’s incredible fast. I hope Win2k3 will be as fast as 2008.

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Sorry, we have detected that you are outside of the United States.

April 21st, 2009 13 comments

I searched for a song today via google just to realize that “I’m no US inhabitant”, which makes me even unable to play just a god damn song preview.

Since when is the Internet localized? Isn’t it’s purpose to connect people all over the world? But instead of following this concept, some famous websites (for example YouTube) have to limit their contents (due to licensing agreements). This is bullshit. I can understand some companies not wanting everyone to watch their series but why do they upload them in the first place? Any US Inhabitant can simply rip and upload to any other website. Or non-US-Inhabitants use a proxy server.

So this localization does and has never worked. All it provides is making people angry. Especially if they need to click through different pages just to find out “they are not allowed” to watch what they wanted.

Here is an example: First, it needs flash enabled to work. Then it needs your popupblocker to be turned off just to tell you “sorry dude, your not from the US, so fuck you”.

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New domain – And why this name.

April 17th, 2009 19 comments

The new domain now is fully working and linked to my blog. The old domain is also still working but deprecated. Especially after the soonish server move.

Anyway, I’ve been asked “Daggering cats? Don’t you love cats?” and similar lately. Of course I love cats. This domain is quite a joke coming from quantum mechanics. There you have the socalled bra-ket notation which is used to express e.g. a quantum mechanical system. I don’t want to explain this in deep, but within this notation you split up the expectation value \langle \psi \rangle naming the left part a bra written as \langle \psi \mid and the right one a ket \mid \psi \rangle. You can transform a ket to a bra and vise versa using hermitec conjugation which sometimes is called daggering because of it’s dagger operator: \langle \psi \mid = {\mid \psi \rangle}^{\dagger}.

This is the whole secret Smile

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I need a domain

April 1st, 2009 31 comments

Yes, I seriously do. The current one I use is from my server-hoster and is not really handy. But I can’t think about a name.

Anyone can suggest a good one? (I don’t want the terms “stargate” in it by the way)


I ordered today.

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To the bunker!

April 1st, 2009 8 comments

It’s April 1st. People might play evil tricks on you.

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