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Nerd Alert

May 31st, 2009 6 comments

I just saw that clip on TV. It’s probably older but seems to be new in Germany.

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It’s quite nerdy. But for a real nerd-style it has too much women: Not that realistic.

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Weapon of Mosquito Desctruction

May 15th, 2009 9 comments

Scientists around Lowell Wood at the University of Houston developed an acustic guided laser system to kill mosquitos. It tracks the mosquitos wing’s by it’s sound in order to fire a laser onto them.

So far it only worked with tracking one mosquito but it’s still in an early stage. Once it is finished, it will be able killing millions of mosquitos per night.

This sounds really interesting, isn’t it? Their aim is to condemn deseases such as Malaria.

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What I did the last weeks

May 11th, 2009 No comments

I havent written really much the past weeks. I’ve been busy with my Bachelor Work at the “Institut für Quantenoptik” where I’m going to build an optical dipole trap for storing cold Magnesium Atoms. So far, I have’t done much there. It was all about intoduction so my first task was to characterize the laser beam of my 10W High-Power Laser. It took me nearly two weeks to get into all this because measuring a beam profile for a high-power laser is not easy. For example, I had an insufficient detector which wasn’t reliable on such power scales. I realized this last Friday after I wiped out all other possible sources of failur – Doh.

Also, in the past few weeks I have set up a Fretta Test Server for Garry’s Mod. It runs on our new server and that really fast. It is fucking incredible fast. Mapchanges in less than a second and so on. I hope I can switch my build server to the new machine too but this takes more time. If you want to visit the server, just join here. It has 32 player slots, ULX as admin mod and some few additions like a fully working Script Enforcer and a custom AntiCheat.

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