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New exploit in GMod

July 19th, 2009 6 comments

Lately, people managed to exploit a “feature” in the SQLite module of GMod (gm_sqlite.dll) to write data anywhere on your harddisk.

They use the ATTACH command of SQLite3 which works the following: It attaches a new database to the current default one. If that file you specified does not exist, it will be created. This is where they managed to exploit it: They attache a new database into your autorun-folder and call it something like “name.bat”. Then they add BATCH code to that database which is saved in plaintext in that file. Now if you reboot your system, windows executes this batchfile. The filecontents then look like this.

This is a dangerous exploit and just garry can fix it.


Garry fixed it the yesterday’s update.

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