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I need a new Phone

April 28th, 2010 21 comments

My old phone (Sony Ericsson) fell down the stairs a few weeks ago and some keys aren’t working anymore, so I need a new one. I decided to take a good one now with a touchscreen and other cool gimmicks. I got my mind set on the iPhone 3GS very long but noticed how limited it is concerning “software-freedom”. So I looked for alternatives and found cool Android powered beasts by HTC (they also build the Nexus One for Google!) but I can’t really decide which to take.legend

The HTC Legend is a really cool phone: It’s using Android 2.1 Eclaire (latest version) as OS plus an additional GUI called HTC Sense, which gives the phone a very cool look. Here are some technical details:

  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • OELD Multitouch screen 320 x 480 pixel
  • Aluminium unibody
  • 600 MHZ ARM CPU
  • 384 MB Ram
  • Standby/Talk: 560/440
  • Up to 32 GB extendable internal space
  • HSPA,GPRS,UMTS support for various frequencies
  • Wireless LAN

desireOn the other side there is the HTC Desire, which only differs on a few aspects to the Legend:

  • OELD Multitouch screen 480 x 800 pixel
  • (Dark brown) Plastic body
  • 576 MB Ram
  • Standby/Talk: 390/360

So you see, it’s the more powerful one and there have been tests between both phones concerning their web-browsing speeds (the main task I wan’t to use it for) and the Desire (photo galery) was quit always ahead. The Desire also has nearly 4 times the resolution of the Legend but is a little bit bigger and weights more. But my main argument against the Desire is, the Legend (photo galery) simply looks much better.

So, what to chose? Both have good arguments for them and good against the other phone.


Ordered the Desire today. Found it on eBay for 380€ instead of the 410€ (with Branding) or 460€ (no Branding). It was a phone someone got due to warranty and he sold it now.

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Left 4 Dead Rage-Quitters

April 17th, 2010 10 comments

I’ve been playing Left 4 Dead 2 in the past few weeks more often and one thing annoys me most:

  • People who disconnect on versus if they can’t play infected
  • People who disconnect if they lose
  • People who disconnect in a lobby after 2 seconds

These rage-quits are annoying: You can’t get a game running with those guys. Most of the time, you start a new game just to wait for players who anyway disconnect after the first 10 seconds. Just because they suck at playing the game Frown

My current tactic so far was, choosing infected in the lobby first. This will reduce the chance in the lobby to get full but it allows you playing at least 1-2 rounds: First you play infected. Then the other teams gets infected and if you were good, they other team will be infected on the other round (makes them infected most of the time).

But there are still the rage-quits when you are infected on the second round: VALVE should really implement a way of someone being unable to join another game after he quit a previous for 1-3 minutes. This could reduce rage-quitters by 70% (none wants to wait 3 minutes until he can play again – so he “stays”Wink.

But there should be done something about the lobbies too: People tend to join and disconnect if they cant be infected or if the map is something different than “Dead Center” or “The Parish”. It’s annoying – really.

Anyway, L4D2 is fun. I like to play it but it annoys me that it takes so much more time to find players to play a complete campaign than the campaign is long.


April 1st, 2010 11 comments

Don’t get fooled today.

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