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Android and me – A review of my HTC Desire Phone

June 4th, 2010 6 comments

0_home 0_apps_1I lately bought the HTC Desire as new Phone and after one month of playing with it I thought: “Hey, let’s write a little review”. So here it is.

Instead of writing the common bla bla which you already find on other websites (like performance tests and usability) I’ll write a little bit about the apps I accumulated in that time.

1_SilentTime Silent Time Lite: One of the most useful apps I know so far. It allows you adding daily profiles by time which simply will put your phone silent, on vibrate or at full ring volume. I don’t turn my phone off anymore. It just stays on and does everything else on it’s own. Definitely a must have. It nearly takes no CPU time and therefore doesn’t drain the battery.

2_TaskManager Task Manager: Basically a Task Killer with Auto-Kill option. This is incredible useful: Add those apps you don’t want to run in background all the time once you activate screen-lock. This will safe you memory and especially CPU-time and therefore battery if that app stays active in background.

I also have put apps to the Auto-Kill-List like the Android Market, which results into an auto-kill if the phone switches to screen-lock automatically. But for this you have…

3_KeepScreen Keep Screen: This app stops your Phone locking the screen if a certain App is running in foreground. I use it for the Browser and Android Market and others. This is a perfect combination with Task Manager: I added apps (which drain CPU if running in background) to the Auto-Kill list but as well to the Keep-Screen list. This ensures that the app keeps running once started and the phone is not going to lock the screen (and therefore killing the app while in use).

4_dolphine Dolphin Browser: The stock-browser of the HTC-Desire is quite limited in browsing concerning tabbing. This is where the Dolphine Browser comes to compensate. It also supports addons and different themes, is as fast as the stock-browser and does support flash (like the stock-browser).


5_meeboMeebo: Meebo is an instant messanger which supports several network types like ICQ,AIM,MSN,Google Talk,Yahoo,Facebook and Meebo. I’m registered at mostly every of these networks so it’s a must have for me also. It supports contact-grouping and displays every user in a small line. This allows you to have 15+ contacts on the screen at once. Other messangers like Nimbuzz or eBuddy either don’t support grouping or the contacts are incredibly big so you only have like 5 buddys on your screen at once. This is a no-go for me because I have > 150 contacts in all my networks.

6_more_local_2More Local 2: Have you bought your phone in a foreign country like I did? Doesn’t your phone have the localisation for your native language? Then get this App. It enhances your Phone to nearly every language you can think about.



7_system8_topSystem Manager: Do you want to know which App took the most CPU or RAM? Want to kill those apps? Then you need System Manager. It shows you much details about CPU, RAM and Net usage.

Top Application: As alternative, you can use “top” to see, which app is using how much CPU at the moment. But apps are listed by they java-package-name like

9_network_monitor 10_astroNetwork Monitor: Are you limited to 2G/3G traffic? Then you must have this App. It takes stats about your network usage and counts the MB. It takes little less CPU. Don’t put it on a Task Killer list.

Astro File Manager: This is one of the best filemanagers I know. It allows you to browse you SD Card and Android System. It has various Extensions like SFTP over OBEX (BlueTooth) and SMB (Microsoft Windows Network). You can select multiple files at once to perform an action on it and browse zip/tar files.

11_cab4me cab4me: Have you ever been in the city at night and the tram didn’t come? If you know what I mean or know different situations then simply turn out your phone and open cab4me. It will find those cab companies which are next to you (including their phone number).



13_rdp12_connection_botConnect Bot: Do you own a Server which allows you accessing it per SSH? Do you want to mess around with the Terminal of your Android Phone? Then Install Connect Bot. It also allows using private RSA/DSA keys for key-authentication.

Remote Desktop Client: But if you don’t own a server with SSH (Linux System) but a Windows Server instead, then install this App. Works perfectly with every Windows Version which supports RDP.

15_xiia14_shazam Shazam: Do you hear a song in the radio and don’t know it’s name? Use Shazam! It listens to the song, analyzes it and compares it with those in it’s (online) database. It will find it in most cases.

Xiia: And if you like music and can’t stay a minute without your favorite online radio, then use this grandious app. I suggest using 128 kbit/s MP3 streams instead of equivalent 48 kbit/s AAC streams. MP3 just managed to take 25% CPU (causing my CPU not to increase it’s Clock) but AAC used 30-40% CPU (while the CPU clock increased by one step causing to drain more battery).

Those were the most important apps in my opinion you’ll learn to love. I also have different other Apps installed (Compass, Google Night Sky, Calc, Galery, Steam Companion, Cracked Screen, Bluetooth Remote, VZ Netzwerke) but aren’t that important to get noted.

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