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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Autokick for TK is badly implemented

January 4th, 2011 4 comments

I really like CoD: Black Ops lately (but not as much as Modern Warfare 2) and especially the Hard Core mode (HC), where one hit can kill you and don’t get a kill cam. But HC also annoys me since you get kicked if you do too much TKs. You might think now “Hey, TKs are bad MHHKay” but only if you do them intentionally. I generally do a few TKs accidentally by Napalm or an RC-XD but sadly they only accumulate and a TK never vanish. So if you do some TKs up to minus one to the kick threshold at the beginning of a round  and then play perfectly fine until the end, you still will be kicked for one more TK there. This annoys me as hell because TKs happen. But the TKs from the beginning have nothing to dowith the last one at the end of the round and still you will be kicked and lose all your experience points and therefore level-ups (levelling up in shooters are anyway stupid).

So my suggestion for CoD: BO is making TKs vanish over a timespan of let’s say 1 kill per minute and only count multiple TKs at once (by e.g. a napalm strike or a frag grenade) only one time.

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