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Battlefail 4

January 11th, 2014 No comments

In the past few months I was playing Battlefield 4 and I have to say, it is the most disappointing yet addictive (FPS) game I have ever played besides BF3. So what is cool and what is totally wrong you ask? Well, lets start with the good things. It is a massively complex FPS with four player-classes with a variety of diferent loadouts (guns, gadgets etc). Furthermore it offers vehicles – A lot of them. And everything is very well implemented and more or less polished if you look at the sole vehicle class.

Now lets talk about the bad things. And there are more than the good things – yet it can be easily fixed/balanced but EA DICE doesn’t give a shit about it.

The most annoying bugs/issues are the following ones:

  • Client Crashes (have been dramatically reduced since the release, but yet happening)
  • Server Crashes (also reduces but yet happening a lot. All your progress/unlocks will be lost after a crash)
  • Unable to join servers via Battlelog. A lot of times, balltelog starts the game but it won’t connect because the server was full in the first place.

But yet ingame there is a lot more wrong, mainly because of bad decisions in means of “money saving”.

  • The game lags – A LOT. You die behind walls 500ms after you moved there or the enemy shoots you with 1 shot (on your perspective) but yet he shot you more times. This is mainly because of…
  • … the totally bad netcode. It sucks. No other description
  • Further more, servers run at a network-tickrate of 10 Hz! Yet they calculate new game-states at 30 Hz. WHY? So servers causes (more but still very moderate) CPU load but clients don’t get a new update of the game-state which causes lag?


And there are many many more. Yet the networking/lag/netcode issues are most annoying because they destroy all the fun. And just because EA DICE and the gameserver hosting companies want to save traffice/cpu-load/money. Yet the game and server-rents costs a so much money that renting a dedicated root server for the same price will give you 100 the performance than a crappy hosted BF4 server which is shared with 99 other people.

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