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Is the concept of Counter-Strike:GO a failure?

March 27th, 2016 No comments

two wins a day-2pngTo be honest, the adaptations of CS1.6 to CS:S to CS:GO became worse and worse. But on CS:GO it became a complete disaster. In-game purchases, unlockables, ranks: Nothing the real CS ever was about.

Anyway, I bought this game a few years ago on a LAN party and I enjoyed a few public games there with my friends. Now, my friends are playing it way more than our previous we play together-games such as Battlefield or Starcraft so I simply also began to play it again.

But here it becomes tricky: Before I can play on a non-cheating infested or full of noobs-team public server with my friends (a.k.a competitive mode) I need to become level 3. Yeah, this was a hard run, since you only can rank up very slowly in public-games but I managed this.

But then there was a new border I had to cross: I need to win 10 competitive games in order to be competitively ranked and be able to play with my friends. So I did that. But now the new major bummer: I’m only allowed to win two matches a day. WTF?

My friends told me it’s all about getting cheaters from coming back to competitive again easily. But to be honest: A cheater simply can wait this time and doesn’t care. He will play a few games with his cheat everyday and after five days, he is back in. But for a normal player like me, I’m getting stones put in my way. Counter-Strike as it is with CS:GO is dead to me, even though I would like to play it.

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