June 6th, 2010

General Server Information


Name: Systems physics lab

Game: Garry’s Mod


Password: black hawk


  • If the server is down it will restart automatically – Sometimes in just 10 seconds. Sometimes in 3 or 5 minutes
  • If it is longer down (or this website here not reachable) it has a reason. Please do not contact me with “why is your server down?”. If it is longer down I can’t change it (The server sometimes hangs and can only be rebooted by my vendor – Contacting it takes time)
  • If the password is different, I want to be alone on the server. Don’t try to guess the PW – It’s random anyway
  • Everything the server does not explicitly allow is forbidden. Exploiting this (by e.g. using bugs) results in a ban.
  • Everything else is allowed.
  • Admins’ decisions are final – No discussion


  • Respect each other – If someone says STOP, then stop
  • If you feel mistreated, don’t fight back – Tell him to stop. If he doesn’t: Call for an admin – Fighting back means “you like to fight”, so the war will never end
  • Don’t call others only by their name until they reply with “What?”. Ask precise questions!
  • Don’t ask to ask
  • Don’t talk like shit – The server otherwise auto-slays or even kicks you


If you find bugs, please report them here.


Normal Download

Always up-to-date: SVN (tempoarily disabled)
Username: anonsvn
Password: anonsvn

Server Logs

You got mistreated? Find the proof in the logs here!


Don’t have the map?

Just join. It will download the map from the server at your maximum Internet speed. Do not try to be smart by disconnecting and downloading it from That’s in 99% of all cases much slower.

Fretta Gameserver (Currently offline)

Name: System’s Playground

Game: Garry’s Mod



  • Same as for the buildserver
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