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I won a bike!

September 16th, 2008 3 comments

Today I met with my friends at Uni because they needed some help with covariant electrodynamics: How to get T^{00} = \frac{1}{8\pi c}(\vec{E}^2 + \vec{B}^2) out of T^{mn} = \frac{1}{4\pi} (F^{mr} F^n_r - \frac{1}{4} \eta_{mn} F_{rs} F^{rs}) for example (That’s by the way the Electromagnetic stress-energy-tensor)

Suddenly a woman gave us a flier about a lottery: You could win a bike. My friend needed one, the questions were easy so we all took part.

I have to say this day was some kind of special: It’s called HIT (Hochschul Informationstage) which is an information day for new students. Many took part at this lottery, especially young pupil. But they all went off later when the lottery began and you could only win if you were there.

So about 40 people were left, including us four. Nine bikes to win. One of my friend and me put the last fliers into the box and guess what: He was the first who won a bike, I was the third.

Sadly the one of us who really needed the bike hasn’t won anything Frown – But I think I’ll give him the bike for a few bucks since I already have one. It’s anyway a bike for women.

Later I rode to the train station where I left my other bike (about 20 km) and walked home with both. Some people looked suspicious at me. I think they thought I’ve stolen them.

All day bilance: Profit!

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