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Tomorrow – It all begins again

October 5th, 2008 3 comments

On monday University starts again.

I had 3 months uni-free time. You might think that’s much, but don’t forget I had to learn during that time for one practical work, 2 oral-exams, 4 normal exams and one seminar. That is very much and took 90% of that time (even on weekends).

Well, tomorrow my very last exam starts at 15h (GMT+1). As far as I know it takes 3 hours but I’m sure I will have finished it in under 2 hours. It’s Physical Chemistry. Physics for chemists may be hard for them, but not for a physician like me Smile


I just came back from the exam. I had 3 hours. The exam was the worst case you could get. But I think I’ll pass it successfully.