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Insurgency – What it is and what not

October 12th, 2008 3 comments

I lately got a talk with one of my people in Steam Friends. He claimed Insurgency sucks because there is no crosshair and he got killed within midair.

Seriously, don’t expect Insurgency to be a Counter-Strike: Source clone. It is definitely not. It’s not even a Battle Field 2 or Call of Duty 4 copy. It’s a seperate mod for Half-Life 2. The best mod I have seen so far.

In the game, you have no crosshair. This sounds differently compared to other games, but you have iron sight. This makes the game more realtistic in my eyes.

Additionally you don’t see who killed you and you don’t see who you’ve killed. This stops the “cheater”-insults at it’s beginning because you can’t link a kill to a specific person. So the game is less noobish compared to Counter-Strike: Source where you get flamed, insulted and harrassed in every possible situation.

But the most important part: If you rush like rambo and act in no teams you will lose. How I stated before, it’s not Counter-Strike: Source where you could kill the whole opponents just because you are good.

And anyway, isn’t Counter-Strike: Source a very bad Counter-Strike clone? I played CS for 6 years (starting in 2000) and when CS:S came out it was just – uh – ugly: No skill needed anymore to be good. Just rush around, shoot on the feet and hit the head. Yeah, CS:S is better than Insurgency I see /sarcasmn.

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