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The FPS drops in Garry’s Mod are wished!

December 18th, 2008 3 comments

This sounds strange but it’s the truth.
If you still remember my post about the lua garbage collector causing fps drops in Garry’s Mod every five minutes, you know what I’m talking about.

Now I asked garry if he took any review to this issue and he just answered the following:

It’s was an option between a constant smaller FPS drop or a periodic fps drop, I chose the periodic one.

So instead of running the garbage collector constantly in background, lowering the FPS from e.g. 250 to 230 (which is acceptable), he runs it periodically when there is too much garbage. Depending on installed lua addons, this can be every 5 minutes. Then your FPS drop from 250 to 5 – And that can take up to 10 seconds.

This is annoying and nearly made me stop playing Garry’s Mod. I don’t know why he thinks this is better, but he probably didn’t want to get the people with shitty PCs excluded from GMod (which he actually did with the Orange Box update, but this is another point).

So I see no real point why he did it. For me, I’ll still use my little fix which I have posted in the comments of my first rant about this issue. A public fix (downloadable for anyone) will follow too.

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