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Weapon of Mosquito Desctruction

May 15th, 2009 9 comments

Scientists around Lowell Wood at the University of Houston developed an acustic guided laser system to kill mosquitos. It tracks the mosquitos wing’s by it’s sound in order to fire a laser onto them.

So far it only worked with tracking one mosquito but it’s still in an early stage. Once it is finished, it will be able killing millions of mosquitos per night.

This sounds really interesting, isn’t it? Their aim is to condemn deseases such as Malaria.

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November 28th, 2008 1 comment

HeNE-laserI’m still at Uni while having nearly no time to do other shit. And since this week I’m at my latest practical work: Laserdiod. It’s an infrared GaAlAs laser at 780 nm
wavelength and I really asked myself “Why hasn’t god made us able to see infrared light”. Seriously, we (me and my partner) have to find the beam with indicators. That’s a sort of paper consisting of special compounds. If the infrared light now hits it, it glows in a color you can see.

Well I can’t really tell you it’s fun, but it’s definitely better than my last practicum which was about radioactivity. Now, we just have to adjust the optical systems like lenses and mirros. This costs the most time. After all there are just around six experiments where two are always really similar. (The radioactivity practicum had around 40).

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