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Sorry, we have detected that you are outside of the United States.

April 21st, 2009 13 comments

I searched for a song today via google just to realize that “I’m no US inhabitant”, which makes me even unable to play just a god damn song preview.

Since when is the Internet localized? Isn’t it’s purpose to connect people all over the world? But instead of following this concept, some famous websites (for example YouTube) have to limit their contents (due to licensing agreements). This is bullshit. I can understand some companies not wanting everyone to watch their series but why do they upload them in the first place? Any US Inhabitant can simply rip and upload to any other website. Or non-US-Inhabitants use a proxy server.

So this localization does and has never worked. All it provides is making people angry. Especially if they need to click through different pages just to find out “they are not allowed” to watch what they wanted.

Here is an example: First, it needs flash enabled to work. Then it needs your popupblocker to be turned off just to tell you “sorry dude, your not from the US, so fuck you”.

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Long time no news – So here it is

September 30th, 2008 6 comments
The current two modes for the wallhack

The current two modes for the wallhack

I was quite busy the last days. I’m still learning for my exam on 6th October. It’s physical chemistry – Physics for chemicians. Well I’m not a chemician but chemistry was a course I have chosen additionally to my physics study. I had to chose some and trust me, chemistry was the easiest of all in my opinion.

On the other hand I’m coding in my leasure time on several lua projects. But I have to disappoint you, it’s not the stargate pack.

I’m still with my Poker game and I also started a lua “hack” out of boredome (for personal usage only). It currently has an aimbot and a wallhack. But before you flame me as a “hacker”: I’m none. My intention in coding it is because I can – That’s all. And it’s incredible easy.

The player table. Not finished yet or even functional.

The player table. Not finished yet

To the poker game which I’m coding in Lua: I just added the player boxes. In these boxes you see the player’s cards, their current cash and bets. Again it’s quite impressed by PokerTH which is, obviously, a really cool game.

Ah well: I just started reading some E-Books about super string theory. I’m not really far with it due to the much time it takes but it’s really interesting.

Instead of describing forces or particle as points, it tries to describe them as vibrating strings or branes (imagine branes like a piece of paper you can fold).

The math in it is highly advanced: So far I have seen it uses variation calculus at the beginning then describes the relations between the branes and normal spacetime using differential forms and manifolds. And all in index notation (Physicians like this because it’s easier to see links and short in writing).

You should not consider about trying to understand this theory if you haven’t passed at least 2 or more years of intensive physics study at university. And I’m in 5th semester now (already had 2 years). The book I’m with is by the way Introduction to Superstring Theory by John H. Schwarz. It is supposed to be a 4 lesson lecture to bring a short overview about what string theory is.