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January 16th, 2009 2 comments

Oh well hi again.

I was busy the last days with finishing my practicum protocol (Get it here. It’s in German), where I made mostly every image, calculated all values while my practicum partner wrote the text. After I got this done the next task applies: Learning for an exam in less than two weeks.

But what I actually was going about to tell you is, that I started working on a little Duplicator enhancement for Garry’s Mod, which should be more userfriendly compared to AdvDupe. I planned to make it an enhancement of the original Duplicator rather than a new tool. It should also load the old AdvDupe saves of course.  Any file action is meant to work like in the windows explorer (that’s where I’m currently at). Spawning should not be that slow and laggy like AdvDupe is (I’ll orientate on VMFSuit’s spawn algorithm). And there will be a way to mass-save stuff, which isn’t constrained to each other (Quad/Circle select).

But I can’t tell you, when it will be readyor if I will ever finish it. It’s just I’m all over busy with other stuff or I get bored by coding due to a simple issue I can’t solve easily.

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November 28th, 2008 1 comment

HeNE-laserI’m still at Uni while having nearly no time to do other shit. And since this week I’m at my latest practical work: Laserdiod. It’s an infrared GaAlAs laser at 780 nm
wavelength and I really asked myself “Why hasn’t god made us able to see infrared light”. Seriously, we (me and my partner) have to find the beam with indicators. That’s a sort of paper consisting of special compounds. If the infrared light now hits it, it glows in a color you can see.

Well I can’t really tell you it’s fun, but it’s definitely better than my last practicum which was about radioactivity. Now, we just have to adjust the optical systems like lenses and mirros. This costs the most time. After all there are just around six experiments where two are always really similar. (The radioactivity practicum had around 40).

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Tomorrow – It all begins again

October 5th, 2008 3 comments

On monday University starts again.

I had 3 months uni-free time. You might think that’s much, but don’t forget I had to learn during that time for one practical work, 2 oral-exams, 4 normal exams and one seminar. That is very much and took 90% of that time (even on weekends).

Well, tomorrow my very last exam starts at 15h (GMT+1). As far as I know it takes 3 hours but I’m sure I will have finished it in under 2 hours. It’s Physical Chemistry. Physics for chemists may be hard for them, but not for a physician like me Smile


I just came back from the exam. I had 3 hours. The exam was the worst case you could get. But I think I’ll pass it successfully.

Long time no news – So here it is

September 30th, 2008 6 comments
The current two modes for the wallhack

The current two modes for the wallhack

I was quite busy the last days. I’m still learning for my exam on 6th October. It’s physical chemistry – Physics for chemicians. Well I’m not a chemician but chemistry was a course I have chosen additionally to my physics study. I had to chose some and trust me, chemistry was the easiest of all in my opinion.

On the other hand I’m coding in my leasure time on several lua projects. But I have to disappoint you, it’s not the stargate pack.

I’m still with my Poker game and I also started a lua “hack” out of boredome (for personal usage only). It currently has an aimbot and a wallhack. But before you flame me as a “hacker”: I’m none. My intention in coding it is because I can – That’s all. And it’s incredible easy.

The player table. Not finished yet or even functional.

The player table. Not finished yet

To the poker game which I’m coding in Lua: I just added the player boxes. In these boxes you see the player’s cards, their current cash and bets. Again it’s quite impressed by PokerTH which is, obviously, a really cool game.

Ah well: I just started reading some E-Books about super string theory. I’m not really far with it due to the much time it takes but it’s really interesting.

Instead of describing forces or particle as points, it tries to describe them as vibrating strings or branes (imagine branes like a piece of paper you can fold).

The math in it is highly advanced: So far I have seen it uses variation calculus at the beginning then describes the relations between the branes and normal spacetime using differential forms and manifolds. And all in index notation (Physicians like this because it’s easier to see links and short in writing).

You should not consider about trying to understand this theory if you haven’t passed at least 2 or more years of intensive physics study at university. And I’m in 5th semester now (already had 2 years). The book I’m with is by the way Introduction to Superstring Theory by John H. Schwarz. It is supposed to be a 4 lesson lecture to bring a short overview about what string theory is.

Poker – Again

September 21st, 2008 No comments

Yay, I started coding on the poker table today. Now only the player part and server to client communication is missing. After that I think I can start a beta on my server.

Some information: My VGUI is inspired by the Open-Source poker game PokerTH which is really cool. I haven’t used any resources besides an edited version of their window-logo from them. But since they licensed PokerTH under the GPL (which I will do too) it might be fine for them me copying their logo.

Some other stuff: I’ve learned the half day again about physical chemistry. I had to chose a minor subject at Uni and I took Chemistry. The actual chemistry part was easy. I just learned for the exam and BAM: 1.7. That’s a B+.
But now the next task is physical chemistry. Ok I’m physician and it should be easy for me you might think. And indeed the physics behind it is easy: Thermodynamics and really easy math like \mathrm{d}U = \delta Q_{rev} + \delta W = \frac{\partial{U}}{\partial{T}} \mathrm{dT} + \frac{\partial{U}}{\partial{V}} \mathrm{dV} = S \mathrm{d} T - p \mathrm{d}V (First law of thermodynamics in different forms)
But the professor was really confusing and I was only able to visit half of the lessons. So learning now is hard Frown
But I’m sure I’ll pass this last exam successfully!

I won a bike!

September 16th, 2008 3 comments

Today I met with my friends at Uni because they needed some help with covariant electrodynamics: How to get T^{00} = \frac{1}{8\pi c}(\vec{E}^2 + \vec{B}^2) out of T^{mn} = \frac{1}{4\pi} (F^{mr} F^n_r - \frac{1}{4} \eta_{mn} F_{rs} F^{rs}) for example (That’s by the way the Electromagnetic stress-energy-tensor)

Suddenly a woman gave us a flier about a lottery: You could win a bike. My friend needed one, the questions were easy so we all took part.

I have to say this day was some kind of special: It’s called HIT (Hochschul Informationstage) which is an information day for new students. Many took part at this lottery, especially young pupil. But they all went off later when the lottery began and you could only win if you were there.

So about 40 people were left, including us four. Nine bikes to win. One of my friend and me put the last fliers into the box and guess what: He was the first who won a bike, I was the third.

Sadly the one of us who really needed the bike hasn’t won anything Frown – But I think I’ll give him the bike for a few bucks since I already have one. It’s anyway a bike for women.

Later I rode to the train station where I left my other bike (about 20 km) and walked home with both. Some people looked suspicious at me. I think they thought I’ve stolen them.

All day bilance: Profit!

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LaTeX and other cool additions

September 13th, 2008 No comments

I just installed a cool LaTeX addon. It’s called LaTeX for WordPress. What is it good for you may ask?

Well I’m Physicist so I need to write formulas. And LaTeX is a really good typesetting engine with native math support.

For example if I write

\mathrm{Ind}_\gamma (a) = \frac{1}{2\pi\mathrm{i}} \int_\gamma \mathrm{d}z \frac{1}{z-a}

it will look the following way: \mathrm{Ind}_\gamma (a) = \frac{1}{2\pi\mathrm{i}} \int_\gamma \mathrm{d}z \frac{1}{z-a} (That queer formula for example is the Winding Number of a closed curve)
Above you may have seen the other new addition: Syntax highlighting!
How you know I’m also a passionated lua coder. And it’s much more fun to have example codes highlighted.

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The Large Hadron Collider

September 13th, 2008 8 comments
The tunne of the LHC

The tunnel of the LHC

The Large Hadron Collider or short LHC is a particle Collider which has been build in Geneva, Swiss near the French borders.

It’s the most powerful particle collider yet build by humanity. Why I underlined it? Well, our universe is a much more powerful particle collider. E.g. every second our atmosphere is bombed by particles at billion times higher energy than LHC or every future human build accelerator can reach. These particles come form cosmic background radiation which is everywhere in space.

I recently read about people being scared to death for the LHC creating black holes, strangelets or other exotic matter which could destroy the earth. But seriously: If it could, why does Earth still exist when it’s bombed by an equivalent of 10,000 LHC experiments by cosmic radiation every second? And that for billions of years now.

I just can underline it again: The proton-proton collusions produced by LHC are at an Energies around 14 T eV. Each proton at 7 TeV. This is just 0,0000011214 Joule.
That equals of a Mosquito at 4 km/h (Just transform E = \frac{1}{2} mv^2 and insert the Energy and mass. A mosquite weights around 2.5 mg). But the whole beam of course contains billions of protons. To be exaclty: 283,040,627,000,000 (Equals 0.00000000047 grams of protons). All these protons together come to a total Energy of 317 Mega Joule. An aicraft carrier (88 tons) at 5.6 knots has the same energy.

But to be serious: Just one collusion between one and another proton can create new particles (according to E = mc^2). This is one of the fundamentals of physics. One event has the Energy of 14 TeV (the Mosquito) but all together are the Intensity (Particles created on every collusion)

You can imagine this like the following: Think about a car at 100 km/h on a highway driving into a wall (which holds this single collusion). This collusion now produces something (At LHC new particles). Now think about a billion of cars driving into the wall. The wall can’t resist of course. But every single collusion just equals one discrete Energy where the overall Energy of course is giant.

That’s also why all protons combine in the beam can easily shoot holes into iron plates. But still one single proton is quite harmless.

Think about it.

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