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Poker – Again

September 21st, 2008 No comments

Yay, I started coding on the poker table today. Now only the player part and server to client communication is missing. After that I think I can start a beta on my server.

Some information: My VGUI is inspired by the Open-Source poker game PokerTH which is really cool. I haven’t used any resources besides an edited version of their window-logo from them. But since they licensed PokerTH under the GPL (which I will do too) it might be fine for them me copying their logo.

Some other stuff: I’ve learned the half day again about physical chemistry. I had to chose a minor subject at Uni and I took Chemistry. The actual chemistry part was easy. I just learned for the exam and BAM: 1.7. That’s a B+.
But now the next task is physical chemistry. Ok I’m physician and it should be easy for me you might think. And indeed the physics behind it is easy: Thermodynamics and really easy math like \mathrm{d}U = \delta Q_{rev} + \delta W = \frac{\partial{U}}{\partial{T}} \mathrm{dT} + \frac{\partial{U}}{\partial{V}} \mathrm{dV} = S \mathrm{d} T - p \mathrm{d}V (First law of thermodynamics in different forms)
But the professor was really confusing and I was only able to visit half of the lessons. So learning now is hard Frown
But I’m sure I’ll pass this last exam successfully!

I finished the Card-VGUI

September 18th, 2008 5 comments


I just finished the card-vgui for my Poker game I currently code in Lua. The ranking is nearly done, the pot is coded and I thought: Hell yeah, next step will be the VGUI.

Another reason why I did it was because it’s horrible to identify the different cards by e.g. D.Q (Diamonds Queen) or S.7 (Spades Seven) – Just to name some.

Some information about the VGUI: You can resize it without any issues and only those textures which are necessary are saved.

E.g. the suits and only the upper half of the J,Q,K are stored in materials. The rest is done by the VGUI. This probably increases the code of the VGUI from about 30 to 130 lines compared to those which uses every card as imaged directly. But this decreases the size of the necessary textures from several MB to just around 236 kB.

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