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I’ve got the first dead pixel

November 9th, 2008 5 comments
This is, what a dead (sub-)pixel looks like

This is, how a dead (sub-)pixel looks like from close distance. That color above is white.

Yeah, the first dead pixel on my brand new TFT. I hate this. You expect a really cool TFT and what do you get after using it a for less than a day: A dead pixel.

There wasn’t any at the beginning (I checked if with DPT) and now there is.

But that situation has some good and bad sides: It’s a real dead (sub-)pixel. It does not glow anymore. It’s dark. This means, it’s not fixable anymore by fast flashing “pixel exercisers”. Luckily I don’t notice it. On a white surface, you need to look at it very very closeley and it appears green. On a plane red surface it’s black of course but green or blue works perfectly.

So I have to live with it.

By the way, I think it came because I had the TFT on 100% brightness. On that settings, it took 75 Watt and it got very very hot. But because white surfaces were too freaking bright (my eyes hurt!), I changed it to 50% – Not it only takes 50 Watt. Thats around 20 Watt less heat and you don’t notice any change in brightness.

I hope no more pixel die (because of heat?). But still I like that TFT!

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