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New puddlejumper in the next release

February 1st, 2009 7 comments

puddlejumperSome of you might have known this already. The new puddlejumper (V3), modelled by VoteKick and coded by LightDemon (based on Catdeamon’s shuttle SENT) will be in the next Stargate Pack release for Garry’s Mod.

So far, I needed to modify some minor code passages to make it work more efficently. But this is not the major work I have done. The main issue was, that the jumper used a hard-coded keyboard layout. You might think “huh, that’s not such a problem”. Well, it’s kind off. I’m a player who uses the left-/right-/up-/down- keys and numpad for gaming instead of the WASD keys. Sadly these keys have been used by LightDemon to handle stuff like zoom in/out so while I flew the jumper, my view always zoomed in and out. (Keys were bound twice)

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Anyway, now I coded a system which gives you the freedom to bind your keys to the wished one. I’m quite proud of this work, because it’s 100% Lua and uses some hacks to work correctly. And it is coded object orientated so in future, when LightDemon and VoteKick finished their X302 or Hatak, I can easily add my keyremapper to these ships too.