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gm_mount2 – Use any source-engine content in GMod

February 19th, 2010 120 comments

This addon allows you mounting any source-engine games in Garry’s Mod including default VALVE games, Steamworks content like D.I.P.R.I.P, Left 4 Dead and every installed SourceMod.

You need to have MSVC 2010 Redistributable x86 installed, or it will not work.


The full version includes spawnicons for some models (several MB). The light version doesn’t, so it is much smaller. But you have to generate the icons yourself.


User: anon
Password: anon

Annotations for Left 4 Dead 1/2:
Left 4 Dead maps are not compatible with Garry’s Mod. Don’t try loading them – This will only cause GMod to crash.

Why another mounting addon?
You may know the orginal mounting addon and it’s extension for sourcemods. They work well but I wasn’t really satisfied with the way they work and I disliked their messy sourcecode so I wrote up my own from scratch.
My addon directly integrates into GMod and works on dedicated servers which is not possible without many modifications of the old gm_mount addon.
It also can mount Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 which is the main purpose of this addon, which took me over 3 weeks, around 2000 lines of C++ code and much coffee to figure that out.


October 11th, 2008 2 comments
Buhriz, a map of this mod. Picture taken from the developers homepage.

Buhriz, a map of this mod. Picture taken from the developers homepage.

Insurgency – This is the name of a HL2 mod which is distributed over Steam using SteamWorks. It’s absolutely awesome. If you like modern warfare shooters you will like this. It is a mixture of Battle Field 2 and Call of Duty 4. But made as a mod for HL2 and as professional done as BF2 and COD4.

The objectives are easy: Capture points and kill your opponents. And capturing is the most important part which gives more moral points. There are different capture modes such as defend (once you lost a point it’s gone) or capture and recapture.

To the moral points: Every time you killed an opponent, you gain a moral point. If you capture an objective you gain 2 points. But if you do a team kill, you loose 5! If you got too less moral points, you simply run out of reinforcements. So if you got killed, you can’t respawn. As less people of your team can respawn as easier it’s getting for your opponents to win.

One of the sniper riffles of the insurgency

One of the sniper riffles of the insurgency

The maps are really well done. I already mentioned it’s as professional as BF2 or COD4: This counts for the graphics. The details are really deep and you often come to the conclusion “Is this still a Half-Life 2 mod?”.

To the gameplay: You can select two squads on both sides, and every squad has several classes. Two of every kind. My favorite class is the Sargent on US Army, because you’ll have an M4 with a really accurate scope.

This leads us to the bugs: The game is still in development. You will notice this when you select a class or team. Sometimes you select your team and class and just after this, you will get back to the teamselect-menu. This can happen several times.

The US Army is one of the most chosen team in this mod. Their weapons are really strong.

The US Army is one of the most chosen team in this mod. Their weapons are really strong.

Another issue is that if you selected a class someone else selected too, he will spawn on this class first and then you will spawn. But if this class is now full, you will spawn on a random other class. This really sucks. The developers should lock a class as soon as it got selected.

And there is an issue that you sometimes don’t see the cool loading screen. It will only appear gray with the “VAC-Ban warning”.

But the most annoying issue is that the game crashes (atleast for me and Stealthrider) if you got a steamcommunity window open. Such as a steamfriends chat window. We both need to close steamfriends in order to connect to a server without crashing the game. After that, we can restart steamfriends.

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