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What’s going on?

October 19th, 2008 3 comments

You may know that I’m at University again. Luckily this semester is much easier than the last because I have three lectures instead of five. Well exactly it’s two and a half because one lecture is really really easy. My longest day is about from 8h – 14h. The others are all around 10h-12h and Friday is free LOL

But every cool part has it’s downsides: I have to take part at two practical courses. Both lasts three evenings per week and that three weeks long. And for every course I have three weeks time to write down the results.

Sounds much but is still lesser work than in the last semester. And luckily I also got one practical course which could be count for two of my lectures! Atleast that course is the same for both lectures. And seriously, why to do the same stuff twice? Even my tutor told me so.

And befor I forget: I passed my really last exam successfully. It’s just a 3.3 (on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is the best). That’s my worst grade yet. I generally had around 1.0 to 1.7 and one 2.0. But I’m quite lucky it’s all over and I only visited half of the lectures. So a 3.3 is fine for me.

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Tomorrow – It all begins again

October 5th, 2008 3 comments

On monday University starts again.

I had 3 months uni-free time. You might think that’s much, but don’t forget I had to learn during that time for one practical work, 2 oral-exams, 4 normal exams and one seminar. That is very much and took 90% of that time (even on weekends).

Well, tomorrow my very last exam starts at 15h (GMT+1). As far as I know it takes 3 hours but I’m sure I will have finished it in under 2 hours. It’s Physical Chemistry. Physics for chemists may be hard for them, but not for a physician like me Smile


I just came back from the exam. I had 3 hours. The exam was the worst case you could get. But I think I’ll pass it successfully.

Poker – Again

September 21st, 2008 No comments

Yay, I started coding on the poker table today. Now only the player part and server to client communication is missing. After that I think I can start a beta on my server.

Some information: My VGUI is inspired by the Open-Source poker game PokerTH which is really cool. I haven’t used any resources besides an edited version of their window-logo from them. But since they licensed PokerTH under the GPL (which I will do too) it might be fine for them me copying their logo.

Some other stuff: I’ve learned the half day again about physical chemistry. I had to chose a minor subject at Uni and I took Chemistry. The actual chemistry part was easy. I just learned for the exam and BAM: 1.7. That’s a B+.
But now the next task is physical chemistry. Ok I’m physician and it should be easy for me you might think. And indeed the physics behind it is easy: Thermodynamics and really easy math like \mathrm{d}U = \delta Q_{rev} + \delta W = \frac{\partial{U}}{\partial{T}} \mathrm{dT} + \frac{\partial{U}}{\partial{V}} \mathrm{dV} = S \mathrm{d} T - p \mathrm{d}V (First law of thermodynamics in different forms)
But the professor was really confusing and I was only able to visit half of the lessons. So learning now is hard Frown
But I’m sure I’ll pass this last exam successfully!

I won a bike!

September 16th, 2008 3 comments

Today I met with my friends at Uni because they needed some help with covariant electrodynamics: How to get T^{00} = \frac{1}{8\pi c}(\vec{E}^2 + \vec{B}^2) out of T^{mn} = \frac{1}{4\pi} (F^{mr} F^n_r - \frac{1}{4} \eta_{mn} F_{rs} F^{rs}) for example (That’s by the way the Electromagnetic stress-energy-tensor)

Suddenly a woman gave us a flier about a lottery: You could win a bike. My friend needed one, the questions were easy so we all took part.

I have to say this day was some kind of special: It’s called HIT (Hochschul Informationstage) which is an information day for new students. Many took part at this lottery, especially young pupil. But they all went off later when the lottery began and you could only win if you were there.

So about 40 people were left, including us four. Nine bikes to win. One of my friend and me put the last fliers into the box and guess what: He was the first who won a bike, I was the third.

Sadly the one of us who really needed the bike hasn’t won anything Frown – But I think I’ll give him the bike for a few bucks since I already have one. It’s anyway a bike for women.

Later I rode to the train station where I left my other bike (about 20 km) and walked home with both. Some people looked suspicious at me. I think they thought I’ve stolen them.

All day bilance: Profit!

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