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Vista Aero on XP

December 19th, 2008 7 comments

Some of you may know that there are several good Vista-Transformation-PacksĀ  which gives the new Vista-style to Windows XP. The best I know is the BricoPack Vista Inspirat which I’m using. I thought “hell yeah, that’s how Vista looks like”. But it isn’t. After a few months when I came to the pleasure in actually installing and using Vista on my Notebook I saw how different Vista really looks so I got jealous.

I didn’t want to install Vista on my Desktop PC so I searched for alternatives: True Transparency.

This little tool adds PNG support for the frames in Windows. And since PNG supports transparency, a real Vista Skin is possible (Ok, there is no blur-effect like on Vista, but that’s anyway useless). You have absolutely no performance loss! Just a few applications which have their own style system (e.g. Trillian) start to lag. But you can add exceptions for TrueTransparency in the “exclude.dat” file.

And just a hint: On this site I linked ( you’ll find other really interesting stuff.

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