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All green for the new server – Or not?

April 23rd, 2009 4 comments

We hesitated the last few weeks how and what is the best way to get our new server running. We started with Xen for virtualisation just to find out that for some strange reason Windows Server 2003 and 2008 refuse to run. We activated all settings and Intel Vanderpool was activated in the BIOS. Still no results. It always errored out with tellung us that we tried to run an x64 application on a non x64 platform (winload.exe failed). But it was x64 and even x86 (32 bit) failed to run.

So we came to the conclusion, Xen isn’t that good for us. We lately switched to Proxmox where we have been told, it will definitely work. And so was it: Windows 2008 booted up but wait: Linking it with the ip did not really work (some special network driver was necessary and it is not ported fully to Win2k8 yet). So now it’s Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise R2 which will run on it. And it seems to work.

Sidenote: The Windows 2008 server booted up in around 4 seconds. That’s incredible fast. I hope Win2k3 will be as fast as 2008.

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Vista Aero on XP

December 19th, 2008 7 comments

Some of you may know that there are several good Vista-Transformation-PacksĀ  which gives the new Vista-style to Windows XP. The best I know is the BricoPack Vista Inspirat which I’m using. I thought “hell yeah, that’s how Vista looks like”. But it isn’t. After a few months when I came to the pleasure in actually installing and using Vista on my Notebook I saw how different Vista really looks so I got jealous.

I didn’t want to install Vista on my Desktop PC so I searched for alternatives: True Transparency.

This little tool adds PNG support for the frames in Windows. And since PNG supports transparency, a real Vista Skin is possible (Ok, there is no blur-effect like on Vista, but that’s anyway useless). You have absolutely no performance loss! Just a few applications which have their own style system (e.g. Trillian) start to lag. But you can add exceptions for TrueTransparency in the “exclude.dat” file.

And just a hint: On this site I linked ( you’ll find other really interesting stuff.

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Disabling the annoying “Restart Now” popup after automatic updates

December 18th, 2008 4 comments

You may know it: The popup which asks you to restart your PC after an update has been installed. This is usefull of course. But if you do click on “Restart Later”, it will popup in 10 minutes again. And it’s so annoying, it will popup ontop of every other application so it steals focus. So if you are currently working on something (e.g. writing a document), your focus changes and any further written text goes directly to the recyling bin.

Well here is the solution (Works on Windows XP Proffessional):

Open up a command prompt (Start/Run…/cmd) and write

net stop wuauserv

Now, the update service stops (just for this session) and the popup won’t annoy you anymore.

For Vista users: Well here it should work the same way. But you luckily can set the time until vista asks you to restart up to 4 hours. This is sufficient in the most cases so the above tip is pointless on Vista Smile

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